171+ Tiger Names – Male, Female & Famous Names

Tiger, puma, jaguar and lions belong to the same family. All animals in this family are badass. Tigers are different and beautiful rest of all. They have beautiful stripes on their body.

It does not matter if you keep them a pet or not, because tiger names are making great influence in your pet life. If you have pets like cats or dogs then tiger names are best fit for them. Keeping them in a zoo or Jungle will never lay down their beauty. Here is our selection of tiger names.

Top 10 Tiger Names

Shiva – It is the best to name for female tiger. The name originated from a Tv show AMC ”The walking dead”.She protects her owner in critical conditions.

Hobbes – Named by English philosopher Bill Waterson. It is the character of famous ”Calvin and Hobbes”.He was the best friend of Calvin.

Nala – Nala is mystery tigress from India. She considered brave and beautiful.

Tigey – Another cartoon character.Tigey was taken from ”Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood.

Garfield – If you have read ”Garfield and the tiger by Gim kraft, this name will bring a better idea for you.

Ryker – The best fit name for tigers. Most of the people know that is a bike brand. Ryker is best due speed.

Cosimia – Baby name originated from the Greek language. In greek cosimia stands for the universe.

Tom – Name extracted from famous Tom and jerry characters. It is a creative and innovative name for tiger.

Blanca – Name is American surname or first name.Best for female tiger. The name gives tough sound.

Bandit – Bandit is tough to name for a gang of robbers. If you are looking for a male tiger name, Bandit is best for you.

Male Tiger Names

Male tigers are wider and large then female. They are more territorial then tigres. Male tiger names should be more tough and fierce as compared to the female tiger.

✪ Woody

✪ Ninja

✪ Timber

✪ Bruce

✪ Winston

✪ Felix

✪ Jiba

✪ Dave

✪ Aurbey

✪ Herald

✪ Saber

✪ Kimono

✪ Woody

✪ Ozo

✪ Katty

✪ Alain

✪ Rambo

✪ Gideon

✪ Hamlet

✪ Baggy

✪ Rory

✪ Charles

✪ Babur

✪ Blackout

✪ Nigma

✪ Spade

✪ Woodoo

✪ Crystel

✪ Cobe

✪ Denzel

✪ Raphael

✪ Carter

✪ Pirate

✪ Laster

✪ Gambler

✪ Sanchez

✪ Bruce

✪ Oprah

✪ Soul Train

✪ Kimono

✪ Timber

✪ Solange

✪ Fantasia

✪ Claudia

✪ Ginger

✪ Goliath

✪ Ninja

✪ Ozzy

✪ Bone

✪ Dawson

✪ Kenneth

✪ Raphael

✪ Mocha

✪ Hendrix

✪ Petron

✪ Chester

✪ Lucifer

✪ Copper

✪ Frid

✪ Sampson

✪ Blade

✪ Jacob

✪ Vinson

✪ Scott

✪ Coolio

✪ Ellington

✪ Shaq

✪ Solange

✪ Venus

✪ Taraji

✪ Cole

✪ Pluto

male tiger names

Female Tiger Names

Female tigers are small in size as compared to male.Cute names are best for frmale tigers.Some cute ideas like Nala , Zara or Fran will make them stands out.

✪ Fran

✪ Zara

✪ Pawla

✪ Nala

✪ Matilda

✪ Dungy

✪ Hungry

✪ Milda

✪ Catrina

✪ Rosie

✪ Cybil

✪ Medusa

✪ Olympia

✪ Hadley

✪ Kendra

✪ Daisy

✪ Alice

✪ Felice

✪ Maisy

✪ Kerma

✪ Sandy

✪ Trixie

✪ Red

✪ sussy

✪ Sophie

✪ Daisy

✪ Maggy

✪ Bailey

✪ Roxy

✪ Coco

✪ Stalla

✪ Gracie

✪ Ella

✪ Irene

✪ Layla

✪ Koda

✪ Ruby

✪ Sasha

✪ Willow

✪ Brandy

✪ Marshmellow

✪ Mochi

✪ Pumpkin

✪ Peanut

✪ Arya

✪ Holly

✪ Ginny

✪ Marley

✪ Nana

✪ Pardita

✪ Winnie

✪ Amber

✪ Electra

✪ Peggy

✪ London

✪ Sophie

✪ Maya

✪ Kano

✪ Kenway

✪ kinja

✪ Galaxy

✪ Daisy

✪ Lily

✪ Zelda

✪ Scarlet

female tiger names

White Tiger Names

Blizzard – Best for large white tiger appear like Blizzard

Alaska – A wolf character but best for husky white tiger

Aspen – Belongs to mountains in Colorado

Blanco – Word for white in the Spanish language

Bolt – A white dog in the Disney movie

Bear – Ideal for male tiger, sounds fluffy and white

Frosty – Best for the female tiger as it looks like whitish snow

Casper – Casper is a cute ghost character

Lunar – Stands for the moon but better for a glowing look

Cotton – Best for cute male tiger name or cub

Polar – Extracted from north and south pole cool environment

Alba – Stands for white pearl in the Latin language

Zuri – Alternative word for white in the Albanian language

Dazzle – Best name for the little cute cub

Nimbus – Nimbus stand for clouds in deep meaning

Yuki – Alternative word for snow in the Japanese language

Snowball – Creative name for the little cute cub

Blondie – Stands for whitish hairs or surname of the singer

Diamond – Colour-based as diamond is white in colour

Puff – Best for the male tiger as it looks cute

Crystal – Whitish and clear like crystal

Misty – Appear like smog and whitish

Altoid – A white mint is called Altoid

Oreo – Famous cookies have a white filling

Coconut – Extracted because of the whitish inside of the coconut

Sugar – Colour-based as sugar has a pure white colour

Daisy – A white colour flower

Oleander – A shrub that brings white colour flowers

Birch – White bark of Tree,best for female tiger

Moscato – Famous and sweet wine of white color

Zima – For female tiger,Russian name for white

Gandalf – From Lord of Rings

Ice Boy – White name from ice color as Ice boy for male tiger

Zuri – White color in Albanian language

Pebbles – A cat of susan’s Byle

Bianca – Means white in Italian language

Finn – Word for fair color

January – Cold month in most of the countries

white tiger names

Names that Mean Tiger

Tigerin – Word for tiger in the German language

Jungiter – Word for Cub in the German language

Kelysh – Albanian use this word for baby tiger or cub

Cucciolo – Cub in the Italian language

Tora – Tiger in the Japanese language

Tero – Word for ”Terror” in Japanese

Bator – Alternative word for ”Brave” in Hungarian

Kaplan – Tiger in Turkish

Babur – Tiger in Persian

Sud – Word for Tiger in the Thai language

Pui – Word for cub in Romanian

Nimer – Word for Tiger in Arabic

Disney Tiger Names

Tally – Character from ”The wild Thornberrys movie”.

Azaad – From ”The lion Guard” Competitor of Fuli

Blur – Character from ”Wild Kratts”.Name of a cheetah who loves the main role.

Jesper – Character from ”Jewelpet” represents honesty.

Sabor – From ”Tarzan” who killed the son of Kala

Badili – Famous leopard from ”The lion guard” who was victim.

Trey – From ”Rock dog” famous snow leopard.

Sultan – Character from ”Dehli’s safari”.

Phango – Another character of a leopard who born blind

Bobby – From ”My gym partner’s a monkey”.

Kiara – From ”The lion king 2”.

Ethelbert – From ”Ethelbert the tiger”.

Nahal – Shimmer and shine

Tigger – The house of pooh corner

Famous Tiger Names

Lenny – From Ice Age

Gia – Gia is a character from ”Madagascar 3”

Oscar – Member of Soto’s pack

Pete Puma – Puma character from the movie

Vitaly – Famous Serbian Tiger from movie

Pink Panther – From Pink Panther show

Felix – The missing lynx

Shadow – A famous jaguar character lowland area of central America

Soto – From ice Age

Rajah – Character from Aladin.Tiger of princess Jasmine

White Blaze – From Anime series

Tipu – Word for tiger in the Hindi language

Dawson – Scared lion in Hindi

Dungi – Word for stripes in Romanian language

Shere Khan – Character from the movie ”The Jungle book”.

Captain Yellow – Character from movie ”Dragonball”.

Nala – The lion king

Martin – Wild Kratts

Granite – A line who represents security

Baby Tiger Names

Cuddles – If you love funny name,cuddles is best for you

Bailey – Used for sweet little baby tigres

Rosie – Extension of rose and best for female tiger cub

Coco – Best for cute little cub

Bella – Alternative word for beautiful

Lucy – Name taken from dog names as it stands for lovely

Oreo – Black cookie with white filling

Abby – Cute cub always happy

Daisy – Daisy is best for white cub

Buttons – Definately cute name

Faith – Word extracted from latin language

Harley – Lovable Tiger name

Mia – Mia stands for ”Mine” in spanish language

Luna – Synonyms of moon

Kahula – Irish Cream

Bacon – Delecious Meat

Kaira – Word for pure in other language

Biscuit – Soft cookies

Naming Tiger – 5 Ways

If you could not find favorite name from the list,here is a way you can select yourself.Tigers are tough and strong animals so name selection is based on their appearance and activity.

Famous Names

Some tiger characters appeared in movies or novels. These names are very attractive and have a meaning behind them. Names like Blanca and Yulip sounds good. Selection of name on the base of movies and dramas is more catchy because you have an idea about the appearance of tigers.

Similar Animals

Some other animals or pets have same body appearance like Tigers. Some big cats or leopards have tough names. Selection of name on the base of similar animals can bring catchy ideas. There are a lot of names already for white cats which are equally best for white tigers. You can select lion names, wolf and other similar animals for tiger.

Tiger Names from T

That is the natural behaviour that we look from a pet name first letter. Like if we select a name for Dog we will choose the first letter. Same in this case you can select names from T.Some best names like Troma and Tod will catchy for tigers.


Tigers are found worldwide. Some countries have a specific association with tigers. Here are some countries with tigers.

Bhutan ThaiBangladesh

Some Bengali People have a specific name for their tigers. Selection of Bengali names will bring new ideas.


So selection is based for your love on tigers. Either you are choosing a name for tigers in a zoo or other pets like cat name. If you want quick idea then select name from the above-given list. Our Naming guide can also help you. Drop your favourite name in a comment.

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