77+ Wolf & Werewolf Pack Names

Wolf pack is actually named for a family of wolves. A family of wolves can be a male wolf, a female wolf, and their offspring. Pack number and size vary a lot. Some packs have 3 to 10 members and some with 3 to 10.Alpha female or male leads the pack.

There are different ranks in a wolf pack. The social circle of wolves is very interesting and unique. Here is the collection of wolfpack names.

Famous Wolf Pack Names

There are some famous wolfpack names used by many wolf lovers. This collection is not based on the werewolf names

  • Night Walker Pack
  • Knight Riders Pack
  • Toronto wolf pack
  • The cosmic storm wolf pack
  • The Moonvalley Banes
  • Moonstone pack
  • Praire wolf pack
  • Wind winder pack
  • The vanished tails
  • Whitefire Packs
  • Silver creek Pack
  • Blue moon pack
  • Alaska Pack
  • NC State wolf pack
  • Nevada wolf pack
  • The giant pack
  • The canny lover
  • Ember moon wolf pack
  • Midnight Pack
  • Dawn pack
  • Dusk Pack
  • Loyola Wolf pack
  • London show pack
  • Lycan Pack
  • Lamia Pack
  • The stealth Keepers
  • The misty willow pack
  • Thompson rivers wolfpack
  • The Iron Prowlers
  • Black Alder Pack
  • The untouchables
  • River Ash Pack
  • The silent Hunters
  • Blood Rose Pack
  • Black Haw Pack
  • The lost furs
  • The white crown claws
  • The grey pelt shadows
  • Rubber Ducks
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Unique Wolf Pack Names

Some unique ideas always get a place in wolf lovers. Here is the list of unique wolf pack names to pick innovative ideas.

  • The Windcrest Pack
  • Moon howlers wolf
  • Yellow stone pack
  • Wisconsin wolfpack
  • River bed pack
  • Okami wolf pack
  • The doomridge pack
  • Freedom runners pack
  • Red cannies
  • Squadron wolf pack
  • Lock Heart pack
  • Moon valley pack
  • The Battlemaw Guardians
  • Razgriz Pack
  • Bloodstone pack
  • Hartford wolf pack
  • Ambersy wolf pack
  • Savage stalkers
  • Blue moon
  • Colony of Weirdos
  • White claw pack
  • Basilisk Pack
  • Finding lights
  • The Windcrest howlers
  • The brown tails
  • Moonlight stars
  • Ember pack
  • Moon guardian
  • Silver bow pack
  • Springtails
  • Lifehammer wolf pack
  • Mystic shadow pack
  • The sabreur tails
  • White claw pack
  • Silver Moon Pack
  • The somberhide claws

Werewolf Pack Names

Some werewolf pack names already decided and inspired by great and catchy names. Here are the top names.

  • The whitetail keepers
  • Thunder grin Pack
  • The cruel night stalkers
  • The Primal keepers
  • Bane Eclipse pack
  • Golden summit Pack
  • Sanguis Dream pack
  • The silver streak claws
  • Starry Tooth Pack
  • The night star howlers
  • The sunset banes
  • The dark crown warriors
  • Silverback oakpack
  • The defiant pack
  • Bloodlust venture Pack
  • Storm Pack
  • The Goldmaw Pack
  • The Kite Runners
  • Holly Cannies
  • The somber claw walkers
  • Scarred Gloom Pack
  • The Darkhide Pack
  • Morning Burst Pack
  • Midnight jackal
  • First omega pack
  • Last Brave Runner
  • The feral Guardians
  • Wrong Turn Solvent
  • The madtooth manes
  • Cruel Gloom Pack
  • Mountain star Pack
  • Dusky light runner
  • Crimson shadow pack
  • The sabrebite canines
  • Arctic Cannie Pack
  • Sunset Oasis pack
  • The solar canines
  • Lunar Crimson
  • Prime eyes Pack
  • Alaska lovers pack
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Wolf Pack Names and Meanings

Lillehammer wolf Pack – Originated from a football team in Norway

Hartford Wolf Pack – In American hockey league, a famous hockey team members group

Crescent Eye Pack – Inspired from a crescent eye design model

Dusk Light Pack – In Hilly areas wolves love to hunt in dusk light

Praire wolf Pack – A Canadian team of Rugby

The Knight Riders Pack – Inspired from the famous movie

Wolf or Werewolf Pack Ranking

The social structure of wolves is inspired by hierarchical castes. Rankings in family or pack are given to them according to this caste or structure. Here are ranking in wolfpacks one by one.


Alpha leads the pack. Alpha has full control on pack, keep an eye that what is happening in pack. Alpha makes important rules and decisions for welfare of a colony or pack. The team leader arranges packs into hunting territories. Alpha decides where to hunt and what is the strategy. Alpha’s mate is called luna.


Beta stands second in the pack. Like in normal wars second commandos lead the war, in Wolf packs, beta works as the second commander and lead the pack in absence of luna and beta.


Delta’s are one step behind to beta. Delta takes training for becoming beta but can not replace beta in the presence of senior beta members. The only chance for Delta to replace beta when beta leaves the pack or die in hunting.


Salutary also called a doctor of Pack. They take care of aged or ill members of the group. Their work is only to heal wounds of hunters.


Sentinels are guards of the pack. They watch movements around the pack and make sure no intruder is entering in the boundary. Another responsibility of sentinels is to welcome new members, teaching them rules of the pack.


Elders are aged members of a group with a great experience. It is the same as when someone retires from his job but still has experience of whole life. Elders can be alpha or beta in their life. Opinions of elders are listened to follow in packs.


Hunters are trained and skilled in a pack for hunting. Hunters make sure to pack that food is available. Hunters’ responsibility is to feed the pack.

Some more Ranks like Omega, pups, Rogues, and Guardians also present in the pack to serve.

Final Words

Wolf packs are well organized like other exceptional group animals. Wolves and honey bee both are the best creatures on earth in terms of societies. Some wolf lovers always find new ideas to give them wolf names or names for wolf packs. This selection will help you to find your desired pack name.

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