Top 10 wolf names with meanings

Everything in the world has a name according to his personality and character. And this is the same with wolves’ names. There are many kinds of wolves you can’t imagine. And every type of wolf has a unique name. Wolf names are based on the personality and character of the wolf. After filtering a lot of wolf names we decided to add the best names in this list. Today I’ll show you the best names of wolves with their meanings.

Here is the list of wolf names.

1. Achak

Achak is a very popular wolf name and it’s the word of Native American English. The meaning of Achak in Native Americans is Spirit. And usually, people use this name for white wolvesThis name is for male wolves.

2. Adalwolf

This is also a very popular name. This name is used for only male wolves. The word Adalwolf is a German name. The meaning of this name is Noble-wolf. As you can easily get that the name has a very beautiful meaning. People also use this name for white wolves mostly.

3. Beowulf

Beowulf is a unique and one of the most popular names of the wolf. This is the English language name. And it has two meanings one meaning is Created Name and the second meaning is Intelligent wolf. But we focused on intelligent wolf because this is more meaningful and suite able for wolves. Most people use this name for brown wolves. So that’s why we included this name in the list of brown wolf names.

4. Radolf

The Radolf is also a great and popular name. Some people write it as Rudolf. This is an English word. And the meaning of this word is Red wolf. As the meaning of the name shows, many people use this name for grey and red looking wolves. This name is used for male wolves.

5. Duke

The king or leader, duke is very famous wolf name. This name has different meaning in different languages. But in Native American meaning of this name is leader, king, or prince etc. As many people think that black wolf is the king of other wolves. So they use this name for black wolves. And suites on its personality.

6. Louve

Female wolf name. Louve is an English word. And the meaning of this word is Female wolf. It’s also a popular name and many people use this name for female wolves.

7. Ulva

As you can guess from the name that this is a female wolf name. It’s also very popular name. This is an English word and the meaning of this word is she wolf. People use this name is also for female wolves. But most of them use this word for white female wolves.

8. Athena

Athena is a Greek word with very amazing meaning. The meaning of this name is Goddess Of Wisdom & War. This is also used for female wolves. And most people use this name for grey female wolves. And it’s also a famous wolf name.

9. Luna

Another famous female wolf name is Luna. It’s a Latin word and the meaning of this word is Moon. Moon and wolves have a huge love and attraction. That’s why many people use this word for female wolves. These days people using this name for their babies too.

10. Ruby

Ruby is one of the most beautiful and popular name for the female wolf. This is an English word. and the meaning of this word is Red Gemstone. This word is used for female wolves. And mostly used for the Red Female wolves.

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