Unknown fact about wolves of my village

I think it only happened in our area. I don’t know about your countries or areas. When I was 10 years old I love to go to the jungle with my best friend. We played there with our dogs and other animals. There was a person who was herding goats. We saw him he was busy with his goats.

And from the bushes a wolf appeared, the size of wolf was almost equal with the size of a normal dog. The color of wolf was black and eyes of wolf was read. When we saw that wolf we climbed up the tree.

He slowly slowly started going closer to the goats. The shepherd was busy with his goats. He has huge folk of goats. After sometime the shepherd sat down for rest. His goats were eating grass in the jungle.

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Interesting fact start here

Then the wolf caught a goat from the ear of the goat and started beating the goat with his big tail. I got shocked that what was happening at that time. And then the goat started walking with the wolf.

First time I saw this and then we went to the village. I told this to my grandfather he said it’s usual with that black wolf. And I saw the interesting fact about black wolf.

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